Phresh Meet-Up and Events

Hey Y'all,

I would love to hang out with you! I started The Phresh Meet-Up due to my experience living in a new area without family and friends. I lived in a new town for at least 3 years without being socially active with people who shared the same interest as me. My mission is to have a support group that connects women together based on mutual interest and those who need help maintaining their natural hair. My meet-ups are to empower women to confidently live in their own skin without feeling any judgement and also to provide a safe haven free from negativity. The Phresh meet-up is also a way to give women a chance to mix and mingle together to celebrate and uplift one another. 


If you're interested in attending a Phresh Meet-up or an event that Natrulee Phresh will be hosting, please be sure to subscribe to our Phresh Crew email list below so you can be notified before the public.