Healthy Living

The purpose for this page is to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. By exercising and eating a healthy balanced meal will give your mind and body the energy and nutrients it needs. 


Phresh Food

Living healthy is simple and easy. Just by adding a nice salad with your meal everyday is beneficial to your health. Salads are high in fiber, low in calories, rich with many nutrients and delicious. So why not start today? Learn more about the benefits of eating healthy food, food reviews, and more on the blog! 

Phresh Desserts

Some people think that living a healthy lifestyle means you can't enjoy desserts. Well, let me tell you that is wrong. I have enjoyed many tasty treats and guess what? They were healthy and delicious! Check out these Phresh and Yummy desserts and more on the blog!

Phresh & Fit

Working out can be challenging if you don't enjoy it. I literally have to talk to myself to stay motivated to workout. Being fit is a necessity! Why? because living a life that will help prevent health problems is very important. Learn more about how I stay Phresh & fit on the blog!