12 Daily Affirmations Parents should share with their children.

As a parent, I try my hardest to uplift my child's confidence daily. I go through daily affirmations with my daughter to boost high self-esteem and raise her confidence. I believe daily affirmations bring forth a positive change in a person that keeps them from self-sabotage. I have personally struggled with low self-esteem at one point in my life and I never want my child to feel she's not worthy of anything. Here are 12 daily affirmations that my daughter and I came up with for parents to share with their kids.

1. I am unique, I am smart, I am special and I am me. 

Explaining to a child that it's okay to be different will help them better accept who they are. Everyone is different in their own way, just because they're different from their peers doesn't make them less than them. 

2. I am a leader, I will lead by example and make good choices.

The next generation will be our leaders one day. I try my hardest to instill the importance of leading by example. My daughter understands that all leaders have to follow someone at one point in her life but she understands to follow those who are positive role models.

3. I know my worth and I accept who I am.

I love this affirmation. Accepting who you are is a form of self-love.

4. I have amazing potential! I will continue to learn, make wise choices and be respectful.

The potential that we have is great. There is no limit to what we can do that's why it's important to always respect others, make wise choices and continue learning. 

5. I will stand tall and not let fear get in the way of dreaming big.

I shared with my daughter about how I let fear stop me from doing a lot of things when I was younger. Things I wish I had the courage to do. It's definitely important to face your fears head on. 

6. I am beautiful/ handsome and I am enough.

Seeing the beauty in yourself is an amazing thing. It's important for our children to know they don't have to change their appearance to please others. 

7. Today, I will treat others with kindness and respect. I will help someone who is in need. 

I always remember my mother telling me to treat others how I would want to be treated. This is one of my mottos. 

8. Good things will come to me today. 

Sometimes you just have to speak things into existence.

9. I forgive myself for my mistakes. No one is perfect and I have learned from my mistakes.

It's a great lesson for us parents to teach our child that it's okay to make a mistake and learn from it. They are not a failure because they made a mistake, it's a lesson learned. 

10. Today, I choose to only have positive thoughts.

The mind it a powerful tool, and I truly believe that thoughts become things (The Law of Attraction).

11. I can do anything I set my mind on, and I can get through anything.

Sometimes we have to be reminded that whatever we are faced with we will get through it. 

12. I am intelligent and capable of learning. I am ready to learn and will try my best to understand.

As a child, I took longer than others when it came to a certain subject, but I was always willing and ready to learn. Always try your best to get the right answer. 

I hope you and your child enjoyed the affirmations my daughter and I wrote together. Affirmations not only help you and your child bond together, but it will give them long lasting positive reinforcement. It is important for us parents to encourage, support and most importantly love our children. Affirming their self-confidence is a great start to help our children if they are faced with negative messages from their peers. Confidence is key, and daily affirmations is a great start to build it up.

8 Quotes to inspire Mompreneurs

Being a mom is tough within itself and if you are or thinking about becoming an entrepreneur you have to stay motivated. There are plenty of moms who have become successful in the business world and you can do it too. As a momprenuer, I have to balance my life and my business, some days can be really tough but you have to keep a strong mindset. Here are 8 quotes that I want to share you with that have kept me motivated.

1. "Stay true to you"- Remember to always be humble and true to what you may believe in. You will meet many different people along your journey; you don't have to change who you are to fit it. Be yourself. 

2. "You are your only limit"- remember nobody can stop you from achieving your goals, you have total authority over your life and despite the delays or the many no's you may hear, keep going. 

3. "There will be so many times you feel like you've failed. But in the eyes, heart and mind of your child, you are super mom." -Stephanie Precourt

Sometimes all you need is a reminder that your child thinks of you as a superhero. During the tough times of starting your own business, you will be faced with lots of emotions. This quote has lifted me up during the days I've felt defeated. 

4. "You can be a good mother and still pursue your dreams, now dream big." -Natrulee Phresh

I have to say, some people have made me feel guilty for wanted to pursue my dreams. Do not let their fears stop you from your destiny. You can do anything you set your mind to and be a great mom at the same time. 

5. "She never quite leaves her children at home even when she doesn't take them along." -Margaret Culkin Banning

I love this quote, even if your working outside of the home whether it's traveling for your business, or attending a business meeting you are still present in your child(rens) lives. 

6. "Don't apologize for pursing your dreams to better your child(ren's) future." -Natrulee Phresh

I say this to myself all the time; I will not apologize for setting up my child to have a great future. My legacy and my daughter's need to not want for anything drive me to push harder in my business. 

7. "The heart of a Mompreneur is the heart of a warrior." -Natrulee Phresh

The drive and passion that a Mompreneur has is that of a warrior. A Mompreneur is someone who will fight for their business to be a success, a brave and noble character amongst others. 

8. "Some days she has no idea how she'll do it, but every single day she gets the job done." -Unknown

Many days I wake up with a list of things to do and I don't know how I'm going to accomplish them, but everyday I get the job done. Moms know how to multitask and find balance in life, setting priorities and tackling them one by one is a goal within itself. 

I hope these quotes inspire and motivate you to become the best Mompreneur you can be. Sometimes we can beat ourselves up with guilt for pursuing our careers but remember our children are watching us. That motivates me daily to become the best Mompreneur I can be. Remember to always be you and be great. 

-Natrulee Phresh 


What I liked about Worn and Homespun's Vintage Trunk Show

Today I had the pleasure of attending Worn and Homespun's Trunk Show in Hampton, Virginia. I have never been to a trunk show before so I really didn't know what to expect. When I walked into the store I was taken back by the complimentary chips and dip with mimosas, in addition to all of the amazing pieces. The trunk show had a nice relaxing feel and everyone who was present were very friendly, I felt extremely welcomed. 

I met an amazing vendor @oliviabealebc (instagram) whose clothes fit me to a T, and I fell in love with the Vintage pieces she brought to the store. I purchased one of her gowns for an upcoming event that I will be attending. There were clothes for men with a nice collection of vintage ties, button up shirts, and more. In addition to the men's items there was women's clothing from petite to plus sized with shoes, accessories and pocketbooks to compliment the outfits. Worn and Homespun had some new inventory I purchased some natural deodorant and I cannot wait to try it. I loved how I could personally connect with the vendors and those who attended the event while shopping around and trying on all of the clothing.

Make sure you follow Worn and Homespun on social media, trust me you don't want to miss the next event. Check out a few outfits from @oliviabealebc from the trunk show, men's suit is from Worn and Homespun. 

5 Year Anniversary

Wow, I can't believe it's been five years already! They say time flies by when you're having fun and we sure have been on a rollercoaster. Marriage is a beautiful thing and everyday I have learned something new about my husband. It's crazy how much I prepared to take pictures in celebration of walking into a year with my good thing. Looking at the pictures I noticed they symbolize each year of our marriage. 

1st Year

1st Year

The first year of our marriage was definitely a year we relied on each other, we went from newly weds to the military life in an instant. Our relationship consisted of letters and a few quick phone calls in a blink of an eye. The first year of marriage we learned how to rely on each other emotionally, entering into a lifetime covenant together and career change within a few months was stressful but it made our bond stronger. 

2nd Year

2nd Year

What's so funny about this picture is our balloons did not cooperate throughout our photo session. We had to deal with unexpected interruptions with the balloons and in the second year of our marriage, we dealt with unexpected interruptions due to life. We learned in the second year of marriage that even though you plan for things to happen, plans could change. Moving to a new state and a surprise deployment is never easy but we worked together regardless of what came our way, we really became a team. 

3rd Year

3rd Year

Every couple will face trials and tribulations together, it's up to them whether they can handle it or not. We faced another unexpected deployment and a tragic loss in year 3, instead of throwing in the towel we bonded more. Despite the circumstances, our ability to love each other superseded the tough times that came our way. 

4th Year

4th Year

Let go and let loose pretty much sums up year four! We learned the importance of communication and the ability to just be who we are. Due to the deployments, we were able to make up for the time we were apart from each other. Making sure we spent time together outside of work, volunteer service or our daughter's extra curricular activities was a priority.  

Year of Grace (Year 5)

Year of Grace (Year 5)

I'm excited to see what this year will bring for us; in the short amount of time that we have been married we have been through the good times and some tough times. I wouldn't trade it for the world! To grow with the one you love is an amazing thing. Joe, I love you with everything in me! Let's continue to make wonderful memories together.

Mommy and Daughter Haircare using Tree Naturals

Hey Y'all!

I want to share with you a product that both Jaiden and I have been using. I've previously tried two products from Tree Naturals line (which I will discussing) and I've purchased two additional products (that I will be discussing later) to see if our hair would be happy. Today, I'm going to share with you my thoughts on Tree Naturals Natasha's Whipped Growth Butter and Rice Flower and Shea Leave in Conditioner. I've heard about Tree Naturals hair products before but I thoroughly learned more about the product line at an event held by Salon Noa in Virginia Beach, VA. 

When it comes to trying new hair products I am very hesitant and need to research the ingredients because I have seborrheic dermatitis, so my scalp and skin is very sensitive. Not only that, I want to make sure that I apply the best products with the best ingredients in both daughter and I's hair. During the event I asked several questions about the product and afterwards I purchased Natasha's Whipped Growth Butter and Leave in Conditioner. During that time, I was looking for a good product for Jaiden's hair that would hold moisture because I noticed her hair starting to get dry. 

After washing and deep conditioning Jaiden's hair, I applied Tree naturals Rice Flower and Shea Leave in Conditioner. This leave in conditioner had her hair feeling like a pillow, nice and soft. Jaiden's hair type is very different from mine, it's more coarse and sometimes it can be a pain to manage but Tree Naturals leave in conditioner helped make detangling and styling easy. After, I finished applying and detangling Jaiden's hair; I began to style it with Natasha's Whipped Growth Butter. I noticed an immediate shine left on her hair and it was definitely moisturized. After a few days passed by I added a little more of the growth butter to Jaiden's hair strands for my sanity although her hair still looked phresh and moist. I also love the smell of the products they have an earthy smell that's not overpowering. 

As I mentioned earlier, my hair texture is very different from Jaiden's hair. When I styled my hair with Tree Naturals Rice Flower and Shea Leave in Conditioner and Natasha's Whipped Growth Butter I was worried about how my hair would respond to the hair butter. Most hair butters weigh my hair down but I was very happy with my results; my hair felt soft and lightweight. I twisted my hair and after unraveling my twist the definition was amazing, with minimum frizz. After using these two products with different hairstyles for Jaiden and I's hair, I would definitely recommend trying the line. I will be reviewing the other two products that I purchased soon but in the mean time check out a few of our results using Tree Naturals. 

Loving yourself

Let me start off by asking you one question, what do you love about yourself? It's okay if you hesitated; many people do but let me help get you to a point where you can answer that question instantly, and with confidence. 

I used to be the girl who smiled but behind the smile I carried so much pain. I didn't like the person I was and I wasn't confident in my own skin. Brokenness can cause self-destruct and it can also cause you to unknowingly hurt other people. I always heard this saying growing up that "hurt people, hurt people." it would confuse me because the person saying it was saying the same thing. Until I got older I thought about it like, dag that's absolutely right hurt people really do hurt people. To be honest, I was one of them! I hurt people by shutting them out of my life and allowing myself to say words I can never take back. If you follow me I mentioned before that I grew up working hard for everything I have now, and the roads that I traveled weren't on cruise control. 

Past baggage can do some damage to people but it's up to you to figure out if it's going to break you. For instance, I was in a relationship that consisted of me loving the person I was with more than myself. I woke up thinking about that person, and didn't want to be away from him, I was very dependent on him and insecure with myself. It wasn't until years later, yes I said years that I had to get set free from the soul tie I had between my ex. I had to understand that I was worth more than what other people thought and what I thought about myself. Once I came to the realization that I needed to surrender myself to my beliefs because I was brought with a price and needed to honor my body. I couldn't possibly let a man or anyone define my worth, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made and in God's eyes he loves me despite my flaws and forgived my past mistakes. 

You have to begin to transform your thoughts by saying you are worthy, despite being broken,  despite the rejection, despite the abuse, despite the affairs, despite the hell you have been through or are going through. Loving yourself enough to know that despite what others may think of you or even the words they say have no authority over what God say's about you. When I was about 12 years old my face began to breakout in a red rash around my nose and forehead. It was so itchy and painful, it burned so bad and being fair skinned people noticed it, there was no way I could hide it. During that time it made me very self-conscious, I walked around with my hand covering my face and noticed the whispers in class that sometimes ended up with me shutting down and storming out.

Not knowing until I went to the dermatologist I learned I had a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis that affects my scalp and skin, and also found out my father suffers from the same condition. Still to this day I have to check myself when I have flair ups because due to past experiences I worried about what others would say. No, I'm going to walk proud and if I feel like it I'll cover up the redness with a little foundation (makeup blog and video coming soon). Let me just be the one to tell you, everyone will have an opinion about you, you have to understand that you have the authority to accept other people's opinions or not. 

I have to be honest, self-examination it's not easy it's tough. If your a little stubborn like I can be at times you don't want to hear what you need to fix about yourself but, in order to repair the brokenness to truly love yourself you have to face the good, the bad and the ugly. During my season of self-evaluation, I came across my favorite bible verse "Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. It should be that of the inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quite spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight. 1 Peter 3:3-4. When I read these words I cried like a baby, it convicted me so much and changed my life in an instant. 

If you're finding it hard to love yourself, I challenge you today to take one step to become a better you, write down all the things you like about yourself and all the things you need to do to change in order for you to personally grow. Say this affirmation daily:

Choose today to start Phresh so you can Natrulee be you, remember to always Be You and Be Great. 


-Natrulee Phresh

Door of Opportunity

I used to get upset when doors wouldn't open for me. I would question my faith and myself because every opportunity I tried to pursue the door wouldn't open. After carefully reevaluating the decisions I made and going through life lessons, I finally understood why those doors remained shut. They weren't for me! As I look back now, I realized trying to force opportunities to come may way only frustrated me and caused a tremendous amount of stress. I needed to be patient and wait for the perfect timing for the door of opportunity to open. 

Trust me when I tell you, I have gone through the motions. Seeing friends and family succeed and move ahead of me in life left me with a bit of envy. Instead of celebrating their victories I began to get angry with myself, until I came to the realization that every decision that I make has it's own consequence whether it's good or bad. Think of it this way, when you see others in your circle progress in life celebrate their victories because you are closer to your breakthrough. In my experience I immediately thought of my age and how time was passing me by. At that point in my life I thought I needed to move fast but I learned that moving too fast would cause more of a delay. I have learned that timing is everything, and if I moved too fast I would have to start from the beginning. I noticed that as I began to surround myself around positive people who were progressing in their lives doors of opportunities began to open for me. 

Surrounding yourself with likeminded people is a major key. We all know the famous saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know." we'll, that's a fact. I've had doors open for me because I was connected to certain people. Just take a minute and think about your immediate circle, are they beneficial to your personal growth? If the answer is no, it might be time to reevaluate the relationship. You should bring growth to them and vice versa, this is a part of divine exchange. A stagnant relationship will only weigh you down and delay the course of your life. You don't have to get rid of the friendship or relationship forever, but I find that putting people in different categories help me stay focus. 

Staying focused is very crucial for a door of opportunity to open, I find that writing in my journal, creating a vision board and planning for the next day keeps me focused on my goals. Believe it or not, the law of attraction from my vision has opened doors for me. If you are stuck on finding your purpose, I will discuss that in a later blog but you need to understand what your purpose is in order for the right doors to open for you. If you are unsure about your purpose in life you will walk in many unnecessary courses. One last piece of advice, if you take the time to think about your passion and activate your gifts doors of opportunities will open for you. 

Vintage Fashion

Accessories in this picture are from Worn and Homespun.

Accessories in this picture are from Worn and Homespun.

Anyone who really knows me will tell you that I LOVE Vintage Fashion. I admire the different trends and looks from the past and I feel a deep connection between each era. I came across a vintage boutique in my area called Worn and Homespun in Hampton, VA and I instantly fell in love. Whenever I go shopping, and fall in love with a store I tend keep it a secret BUT I can't keep it to myself. This boutique has items for a reasonable price that won't break your pocket. 

When I first entered the boutique, the first thing that caught my eye were the vintage dressers and vanity set. I appreciated the mixture of different cultures within the clothing, wall art and accessories inside the store. While I shop for clothes I tend to choose vintage items and twist them into my personality, in Worn and Homespun it was easy for me to do that. The items were trendy for today's phreshest fashion. 

Not only were the clothes and accessories hot, the boutique offered a perfect display of handbags and shoes to compliment your outfit. Many of which are trending to today's fashion, consisting of shoes that are edgy to classy. In addition, Worn and Homespun offers clothes for women who are petite to plus size and during my last visit I noticed how they began to expand their selection for men. The quality of the clothes are impeccable and comfortable, these are very important factors when I pick out clothes. 

It doesn't stop there, Worn and Homespun supports and sells items from local vendors. I truly appreciate how the owner remained loyal to entrepreneurs in the area. There are body butters, natural hair gels, deodorant, hair products, mixed nuts, apple butter and more in the store. If you're a tea lover, the boutique has an amazing assortment of teas and if you follow them on social media they have tea tastings. How cool is that? To those of you who live in the Hampton Roads area be sure to stop by the boutique located at 12 Old Town Lane in Hampton, VA and tell them Natrulee Phresh sent you. If you live far away there are select items for purchase online at worn-homespun.myshopify.com Here are a few more pieces I love from Worn and Homespun.

5 Ways to grow healthy hair

Hey Y'all! I'm so excited to share with you 5 ways to grow healthy hair. I get asked on a daily bases how my hair grew so fast. It's amazing when I pull down a curl strand or even straighten my hair how many people ask how my hair grew so quickly or if my hair is a weave. Growing healthy hair is very simple, so lets take a look at these 5 ways to grow healthy hair. 

1. Clean scalp- In order for you to grow healthy hair, it's imperative to keep a clean scalp. Not only will build up from products cause dandruff, it can also cause yeast on your scalp, these two factors can suffocate your scalp which will prevent your hair from growing. Using a clarifying shampoo will wash away build up and any unwanted debris. Sometimes I use an apple cider vinegar rinse to clean my scalp, it may sound nasty but it works wonders, just make sure you immediately condition your hair to prevent dryness. Remember, plants need water to grow and we need (healthy) food to eat in order for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle the same rules apply with growing healthy hair. 

2. Deep Conditioning- The benefits of regularly using deep conditioners on your hair provides moisture, elasticity, and add body to your hair, this enhances growth and leads to healthy hair. I deep condition both my daughter and I's hair once a week, I let the conditioner sit in our hair for 30 minutes and rinse it out. One of my favorite deep conditioners is Aussie 3 minute miracle; it leaves our hair soft and moist. If you don't deep condition your hair once a week, I would suggest trying it for a while you will find positive results. 

3. Protein Treatments- I found that giving my hair a monthly protein treatment helped enhance the growth in my hair. Protein treatments strengthens and temporarily repairs your hair. Whenever I straighten my hair, I immediately apply Palmers Deep Conditioning Protein pack in my hair for 30 minutes on my washday. A protein treatment delivers vitamins and replenishes your hair shaft with the necessary oils needed. 

4. Low Manipulation- This is my best friend, as hard as it may sound you must leave your hair alone. I rarely touch my hair, I must admit when my hair first started growing after my big chop my hands were in my hair constantly. I found that low manipulation is just as important as the other tips mentioned. Reducing the excessing combing, brushing, and styling enhance your chances of growing healthy hair. By cutting the amount of tension on your hair you can reduce the chances of breakage. Protective styles and wrapping your hair in a pineapple at night are just two different hair care regimens for low manipulation. 

5. Hair Trims- Split ends are your worst enemy and trimming your hair is a necessity. As soon as you see your ends looking raggedy, splitting, knotting, or sticking to your clothes it's time to see your hairstylist. Trimming your ends helps reduce breakage due to split ends and reduces hair breakage. I pay very close attention to my hair during washdays so I usually get my hair trimmed every 3-6 months. My stylist at Salon Noa in Virginia Beach, VA carefully preps my hair, deep conditions and uses a technique to ensure my hair receives a limited amount of heat as possible before and after trimming my hair.

Growing healthy hair is very easy; just remember it's not going to grow at overnight. Patience is definitely necessary but if you follow these 5 tips, you will get the great results. Be sure to track your progress with pictures, I noticed when I tracked my growth with pictures I saw my hair growth over time. I hope these tips helped clarify any questions you needed! Remember, to stay Phresh, Be You and Be Great. 


Natrulee Phresh 



*Disclaimer* This was not a paid ad these are my personal experiences and opinions. 

Vegan Desserts

Vegan desserts are disgusting! That's all I hear when I say I'm going to have a vegan snack. Nine times out of ten the person saying it to me has never tried a vegan dessert. I think the word Vegan just throws some people who eat animal products off. Let me just say that vegan desserts are actually good. Now, I will be honest and say that I've tried some vegan desserts that I did not particularly enjoy. My standards are very high when it comes to dessert,  do not mess up my dessert! My husband can attest that I am the queen of sweets. 

On one particular day My daughter and I had a mommy and me day! I'm trying to transition her into becoming a vegetarian so I went to a local bakery here in Virginia Beach, VA called My Vegan Sweet Tooth. My eyes went straight to the cupcake section and I immediately fell in love with the Red Velvet cupcake. Yes, it gets that serious when I get food, it was love at first sight. I ordered a red velvet cupcake and a strawberry ice cream. Jaiden ordered a vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and we were both in heaven. I'm telling you, if the store's name didn't start with vegan I wouldn't have known the difference. I was pleasantly surprised with the moisture of the cupcake and how it tasted identical to a traditional red velvet cupcake. The ice cream was soft served and I could tell that it was made with fresh strawberries. My palette was having a party! 

Surprisingly, my daughter enjoyed her vanilla ice cream and if you have kids or have been around children, you know they will tell you the truth. We loved everything about this bakery and I can't wait to take Jaiden back. I was amazed by the selection of foods served in the bakery from the cookies, cupcakes, cannolis, cinnamon buns, breads, homemade chili and more, and they even have a items that are gluten free. What I really liked most about My Vegan Sweet Tooth was how we were greeted and taken care of, the woman who served us was so sweet and very patient. Despite the tasty treats, I believe customer service is very important.  

I challenge you to try a vegan dessert and if you're in Virginia Beach check out My Vegan Sweet Tooth and tell them Natrulee Phresh sent you. 


This post was not sponsored this is my own personal opinion. 





New Beginnings

Hey Y'all! I'm so excited to share with you the new blog. I will be sharing more of who I am and all the things I like which will include: Family, Motivation, Natural Hair, Fitness, Healthy Living, Beauty and Fashion. My motto is Be You and Be Great!

I want you to understand that it's okay to be different as long as you're being true to yourself. My journey wasn't easy, growing up I felt like I never seemed to "fit in". I was always judged and criticized for being light skinned at one of the high school's I attended and found myself losing my identity from past relationships and friendships. I wasn't being true to myself and I am thankful for a few detours in my life that forced me to soul search. 

Once I found out my true identity, I began to understand my passion and purpose in life. I have walked into a Phresh and Natural way of living and learned my own self-worth. I am different from many others, hence, the spelling of Natrulee Phresh. I started a new chapter in my life by accepting who I am and letting go of old baggage. It doesn't matter where you came from or your current circumstance, you can start over now. Old things have passed away, today become a better you. Cheers to a new beginning! Always remember to Be You and Be Great!



Natrulee Phresh